Open a World of New Experiences ~ Wally Byam

Dream. Travel. Explore. Live. These are the cornerstones, the rivets, upon which founder Wally Byam built Airstream and challenged us, “To strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit.” He encouraged all “to open a whole world of new experiences.”

New experiences and possibilities are everywhere. They are found in the opportunity to learn to play the guitar or write a memoir. In the opportunity to practice yoga on a mountaintop or take a hike with a loved one. They are found in the opportunity to make a change or keep going. And when we awaken our venturesome spirits, we come alive. We feel hopeful. Passionate. We not only feel inspired, but we want to inspire others. We’re engaged. Present.

We’re riveted.

Doing. Being. Seeing. Experiencing. Overcoming. Loving. Risking. Living riveted is about discovery. It’s the exploration not only of places and spaces, but also of people and ourselves. It’s the invitation to…

Stop… and breathe.

It’s the drive to open a whole world of new experiences. It’s recognizing and believing that there is no wrong way. We may have no control over where we’re from, but we can decide where to go from there… and the action we take to get there is what creates a riveting life.

Dream. Travel. Explore. Live. Live Riveted.

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New interesting book available August 13!

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Nomad goes to Bonnaroo!!!

Nomad will be attending the 2013 Music Festival - Bonnaroo!

If you are there, come and see us!

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Just experimenting with some ideas…

Cute idea!

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Nomad attended it’s first International Dealer Meeting last week in Reno, Nevada to see all new Airstream products for 2014. WOW we were extremely impressed.

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